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Rightmark Group helped the developer to defend a land plot intended for integrated housing development.

A construction company planned to conclude an investment contract for residential land development in accordance with the urban development plan under the appropriate procedure. Prior to bidding for the right to lease land, a legal entity laid claims to the territory attempting to judicially prove its title to waterworks located in the land plot. Under the law, proof of the title would automatically give the owner of the waterworks the right to purchase this land. The construction company resorted to Rightmark Group lawyers. As a result, absence of grounds for registration of a title to the hydraulic structures was established to satisfaction of court, since the title thereto had passed to the company by universal succession, prior to entry into force of the law on state registration of title to real property and transactions therewith, and the existing documentation did not allow to match the facility, the title to which was claimed by the plaintiff, to the facilities specified in the documents of title. Thus, an investment contract was concluded with regard to this land plot according to the established procedure was signed an investment agreement, and the housing construction is in progress thereon.