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Rightmark Group secured in court termination of a contract for land plot lease between the developer and the city, and return of funds earlier transferred to the budget to the developer.

In 2008, LLC Chevakino represented by Rightmark Group purchased at the Property Fund auction 2.17 ha in Nevsky district for RUB 1.1 billion. Under the contract with the City Property Management Committee the developer was obliged to construct an apartment house in this land plot in 49 months. However, the developer abandoned the project, due to the fact that CHPP-2 ash disposal area was discovered in the territory, which failed to comply with sanitary regulations for housing construction. The City Property Management Committee brought a court action for recovery of a RUB 333 million debt and about RUB 1.2 million fine from LLC Chevakino.
In early 2010, the committee decided to terminate the contract due to non-performance of investment terms. The developer filed a counterclaim with the court, also seeking termination of the contract and return of transferred funds, as an ash disposal area was discovered in the territory that was not mentioned in bid documentation. Thus, through the legal assistance of Rightmark Group, a dispute between the developer and the city was settled amicably, which prevented adverse financial and reputation consequences for both parties.