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Rightmark Group legal firm has adequate resources and experience for customized and comprehensive approach to each and every case.

Projects are implemented by groups of lawyers who take into account the special nature of a case. Hence, even the most complex and sensitive issues are settled in a quick, favourable and cost-efficient manner. Such approach guarantees legal safety and prevents risks.

Stand Up for 10

Stand up for 10 corporate conduct standards programme is the core of Rightmark Group activities and the ideological basis of associations of lawyers. It is strictly complied with at our company. This guarantees high quality of legal assistance for our clients, and a reputation of professionals and a set of established clients for the company.

The company objective is to bring the client relations to a high level of credibility. That is why we aim at building of long-term relationships and try to make the working process as transparent and clear as possible.

The company completes every task in its entirety, involving partners as needed. We control the whole process of performance and check the results to secure high quality of client service.


The company formula: Professionalism is a creative combination of theory and experience.

There is a Volkswagen plant with glass walls, where a customer is able to watch the whole process of car assembly. Rightmark Group demystifies the work process. A client may check the case progress online on the company server at any time.


It is much easier to prevent a problem, than to solve it. The military have a rule: an attacker should have a five-fold advantage. Our company strengthens the client position from the beginning, thus defeating the attack purpose.

For our team creative and conventional are the mutually complementary methods, combined to form a basis for effective performance. A conventional sequence of operations – investigation, analysis, planning – creates a background for creativity during task implementation.


As in medicine, an optimum solution in the world of law may be found only taking into account individual characteristics of a client. The only way to diagnose them is to ensure close cooperation and high level of service customization.

Competent project planning with the use of latest high end solutions guarantees manageability, predictability thereof, and an opportunity to timely respond to changes in circumstances.


Due to connection of the law with other aspects of business activities we have to go beyond the scope of legal consultations. The company lawyers find and suggest to clients not just legal, but also business solutions, using methods of economics and finances, psychology, sociology and forensic science. 

This is the standard of interrelated components: responsiveness and quality of work. Efficient is not just promptly, efficient is the high quality at just the right time.



Aleksandr Rassudov

Managing Partner
of Rightmark Group legal firm


He holds two higher education degrees: Degree in Law and Master of Business Administration (MBA) of the St. Petersburg State University. His professional career began in 1998 as an expert at GU City Department of Real Estate Inventory and Appraisal. Later he worked as Chief Legal Adviser of Arbitration Office of Legal Department of the St. Petersburg City Administration City Property Management Committee. In 2003 Mr. Rassudov was appointed Head of Legal Department of JSC Stanley Property Corporation. Since 2006, Alexander holds the position of Managing Partner of Rightmark Group, and is responsible, in particular, for practices of Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law and State Property, Public-private Partnership, Taxation and Finance, Tax Optimization.

Over the years of his career Mr. Rassudov represented the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg City Administration and Government, St. Petersburg City Property Management Committee, Administration of Priozersky District of Leningrad Oblast, Leader Group, and a number of other major companies of federal and regional level.

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