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  • New Debt Transfer Rules: A Surprise for Debtor?
    16 April 2015 ppt.ru

    New Debt Transfer Rules: A Surprise for Debtor?

    The major portion of amendments in the provisions of the Civil Code regarding debt delegation introduced on the basis of Federal Law No.367-FZ as of December 21, 2013 took effect on July 01, 2014.
    St. Petersburg Legal Internet Portal
  • Vera Ryabova: ‘Legislators Expected Prices to Decline…’
    6 April 2015 nsp.ru

    Vera Ryabova: ‘Legislators Expected Prices to Decline…’

    Amendments in the Land Code will definitely affect the real estate market. Contractors and consultants, land owners and municipal officers will have to restructure their operations. Vera Ryabova, Senior Associate of Rightmark group, reflects on opportunities and challenges produced by the revised Land Code.
    Nedvizhimost i Stroitelstvo Peterburga (St. Petersburg Real Estate & Construction) newspaper, No.14(853), page 16
  • Time for Active Thought
    16 March 2015 dp.ru

    Time for Active Thought

    Alexander Rassudov, Managing Partner of Rightmark Group legal firm, Chairman of Board of Directors of Leader Group speculates about two extremes of the Russian legal system. 
    Delovoy Petersburg newspaper No.38 (4230), page 16
  • Point of View: Obligation to Pay
    21 April 2014 vedomosti.ru

    Point of View: Obligation to Pay

    Clauses on infrastructure development payments are being included in investment and land lease contracts throughout the country. However debates whether it is lawful to collect these payments are still continuing. Today the fact that developer money go into the budget does not guarantee that the funds are disbursed for city infrastructure development.
    Vedomosti newpaper, ‘Nedvizhimost. Steny Biznesa’ (Real Estate. Walls of Business) supplement