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  • New Debt Transfer Rules: A Surprise for Debtor?
    16 April 2015 ppt.ru

    New Debt Transfer Rules: A Surprise for Debtor?

    The major portion of amendments in the provisions of the Civil Code regarding debt delegation introduced on the basis of Federal Law No.367-FZ as of December 21, 2013 took effect on July 01, 2014.
    St. Petersburg Legal Internet Portal
  • Vera Ryabova: ‘Legislators Expected Prices to Decline…’
    6 April 2015 nsp.ru

    Vera Ryabova: ‘Legislators Expected Prices to Decline…’

    Amendments in the Land Code will definitely affect the real estate market. Contractors and consultants, land owners and municipal officers will have to restructure their operations. Vera Ryabova, Senior Associate of Rightmark group, reflects on opportunities and challenges produced by the revised Land Code.
    Nedvizhimost i Stroitelstvo Peterburga (St. Petersburg Real Estate & Construction) newspaper, No.14(853), page 16
  • Time for Active Thought
    16 March 2015 dp.ru

    Time for Active Thought

    Alexander Rassudov, Managing Partner of Rightmark Group legal firm, Chairman of Board of Directors of Leader Group speculates about two extremes of the Russian legal system. 
    Delovoy Petersburg newspaper No.38 (4230), page 16
  • Point of View: Obligation to Pay
    21 April 2014 vedomosti.ru

    Point of View: Obligation to Pay

    Clauses on infrastructure development payments are being included in investment and land lease contracts throughout the country. However debates whether it is lawful to collect these payments are still continuing. Today the fact that developer money go into the budget does not guarantee that the funds are disbursed for city infrastructure development.
    Vedomosti newpaper, ‘Nedvizhimost. Steny Biznesa’ (Real Estate. Walls of Business) supplement 
  • Alexander Rassudov: ‘One should remember about restrictions!’
    10 July 2013 nsp.ru

    Alexander Rassudov: ‘One should remember about restrictions!’

    An apartment hotel is a premium and very popular concept of residential construction. Developers started to implement this new concept from the suburbs. Crystal apartment building in Repino and Landskrona House in Zelenogorsk were commissioned. Having countered the claims, Pioneer Group resumed the construction of Komarovsky Bereg housing complex. Alexander Rassudov, CEO of Rightmark Group legal firm reflects on the legal nuances of transactions with apartment hotels and the intricacies of law to be taken into account by developers and (especially!) buyers. 
    Nedvizhimost i Stroitelstvo Peterburga (St. Petersburg Real Estate & Construction) newspaper


Client = Partner
Standard 1 of 10

The company objective is to bring the client relations to a high level of credibility. That is why we aim at building of long-term relationships and try to make the working process as transparent and clear as possible.

One Stop Shop
Standard 2 of 10

The company completes every task in its entirety, involving partners as needed. We control the whole process of performance and check the results to secure high quality of client service.

Standard 3 of 10

The company formula: Professionalism is a creative combination of theory and experience.

Transparent Walls
Standard 4 of 10

There is a Volkswagen plant with glass walls, where a customer is able to watch the whole process of car assembly. Rightmark Group demystifies the work process. A client may check the case progress online on the company server at any time.

Standard 5 of 10

It is much easier to prevent a problem, than to solve it.  The military have a rule: an attacker should have a five-fold advantage. Our company strengthens the client position from the beginning, thus defeating the attack purpose.

Unity of contrasts
Standard 6 of 10

For our team creative and conventional are the mutually complementary methods, combined to form a basis for effective performance. A conventional sequence of operations — investigation, analysis, planning — creates a background for creativity during task implementation.

Individual approach
Standard 7 of 10

As in medicine, an optimum solution in the world of law may be found only taking into account individual characteristics of a client. The only way to diagnose them is to ensure close cooperation and high level of service customization.

Standard 8 of 10

Competent project planning with the use of latest high end solutions guarantees manageability, predictability thereof, and an opportunity to timely respond to changes in circumstances. 

Business solutions
Standard 9 of 10

Due to connection of the law with other aspects of business activities we have to go beyond the scope of legal consultations. The company lawyers find and suggest to clients not just legal, but also business solutions, using methods of economics and finances, psychology, sociology and forensic science. 

Standard 10 of 10

This is the standard of interrelated components: responsiveness and quality of work. Efficient is not just promptly, efficient is the high quality at just the right time.

Geography of services

We are working on the territory of the North-West federal district, Moscow and Moscow region