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Partners and Business Associations

  • Rightmark Group was accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to carry out expert examination of projects, regulatory acts and other documents.

  • Rightmark Group cooperates with the Law Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University for the purposes of holding of conferences and seminars, development of competent human resources.

  • Rightmark Group is a media partner of the largest Russian portal hh.ru (HeadHunter). The company lawyers regularly act as expert speakers in the HR Planet project

  • Rightmark Group is a media partner of Bulletin of Real Estate Group.

  • ightmark Group writes a column for the St. Petersburg Legal Internet Portal.

  • Rightmark Group provides legal support of Noch Muzeev (Museum Night) annual event held as part of International Museum Day celebration.

  • Rightmark Group is a media partner of Nedvizhimost Peterburga Information and Publishing Centre (St. Petersburg Real Estate).