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Rightmark Group lawyers protected the client from unreasonable expenses by proving absence of grounds for recovery of funds in favour of LLC Prizma-Center.

LLC Prizma-Center brought an action against ZAO Bolshevichka represented by Rightmark Group for recovery of funds paid under an investment contract. The plaintiff demanded repayment of all monetary funds paid under the contract, referring to a cessation of interest in acceptance of performance due to lack of results of the investment activities within the period established by the contract. The plaintiff also claimed that the company withdrew from the contract by submitting a complaint to the defendant. During the judicial proceedings in the first instance arbitration court Rightmark Group lawyers proved that the complaint to which the plaintiff referred was not a statement of withdrawal from a contract, and that the parties extended the period of the investment project implementation. Thus, the plaintiff could not lose interest in the project implementation due to delay on the part of the defendant. Taking into account the arguments of Rightmark Group lawyers, the first instance court dismissed the claim of LLC Prizma-Center. The courts of appeal and cassation also confirmed absence of grounds for recovery of funds and upheld the first judgment.