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Rightmark Group lawyers provided support of Wright Park cottage estate construction in Leningrad Oblast.

Comprehensive support of activities of Active House development company involved settlement with the management company providing services in the development area, harmonization of documents at the stage of design, construction and sale of real property to end customers. Specifically for this project more than 20 types of contracts were developed to be concluded for the estate construction project implementation. The Company lawyers participated in agreement of terms and conditions of these contracts agreements with contractors and secured conclusion thereof on terms most favourable to the client.
At the initial project stage, the client stated willingness to sell some real property items during the construction. Cottages in this case were to be constructed as per design proposed by the seller or the buyer’s design. As the contract for sale of real property was concluded in a situation where the purchased house did not exist yet and in some cases was constructed according to a custom design of the buyer, it was necessary to develop a property sale scheme protecting the seller as much as possible, in particular against the risk of repudiation of a contract by the buyer at the house construction stage, and refusal to pay for the property. Also, risks and prospects of the construction were forecasted and assessed both by the client (by its own efforts and by outsourced staff), and external companies. 
The described activities of Rightmark Group enabled the client to design the cottage estate as well as start construction and sale of real estate (under construction) with minimum economic and legal risks.