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Rightmark Group provided legal support of purchase of a land plot and real property in Shushary settlement for subsequent development by Leader Group construction company.

Rightmark Group lawyers provided comprehensive support of the process of purchase of a land plot in Shushary settlement, including the real property located therein. Provided that the purchased real property was mortgaged with a bank, our company elaborated and agreed upon a scheme of partial contract price payment using a letter of credit for early mortgage termination. The funds under the letter of credit were transferred directly to the bank for the seller credit repayment.
As a result, Rightmark Group ensured conclusion of a contract of purchase, release of bank mortgage of the land plot and real property, and state registration of the purchaser title to real property. Further legal assistance was provided to the parties in proper performance of contract and execution of documents on discharge of obligations, as well as release of mortgage of the land plot and real property in favour of the seller.