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Rightmark Group provided support of transaction for 20 ha land plot acquisition.

A contract regulates and establishes property relations of the parties within the scope of the investment project of integrated land development and multifamily housing to be completed by 2020.
The Company assessed the purchased property, its suitability for investment project implementation, developed the structure of contract relations, including both obligatory arrangements required by law, and advisable ones aimed at protection of rights and interests of the client. Elaborated transaction are designed for long-term use, regulate staged performance by the parties of contractual arrangements, measures for protection of the purchaser rights, liability of the parties and the project closure procedure. 
A special feature of the project is establishment of relations between the participants of integrated development of a privately owned land plot for housing construction and implementation of a non-conventional payment method, i.e. the land plot seller will obtain ownership of residential and non-residential premises in apartment buildings as payment.