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Rightmark Group provided support of transactions for purchase by Leader Group construction company of land plots in Vsevolzhsky district of Leningrad Oblast for construction of at least 6 apartment buildings.

Transaction support included assessment of an architectural feasibility of construction of apartment buildings with the designed specifications and within the established time limit, including development of transport, utility and social infrastructures. Due to efforts of our lawyers, a lengthy process of contract negotiation resulted in execution thereof.
The developed contracts are distinguished by detailed regulations stipulating the instalment payment procedure, performance bonds, penalties, as well as rights and obligations of the parties in case of the contract termination. The parties also agreed on a non-conventional method of contract price payment. The seller of the land plots acquires rights for a part of residential properties to be created by the purchaser in the apartment buildings under construction as a consideration. The contract also contains an algorithm of land plot price modification depending on changes in the area of apartment buildings under construction. As a result, Rightmark Group developed and suggested to the parties to a transaction a contract establishing, comprehensively and in detail, relationships of the parties, and, above all, protecting interests of the land plot purchaser.