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Rightmark Group lawyers judicially achieved repeal of illegal orders of Head of Khimki City District Administration for withdrawal of the Mendeleev Residential Complex construction permit and land plot development plan .

Head of Khimki City District Administration (Moscow Oblast) issued permits for construction of the Mendeleev Residential Complex. However, afterwards the Administration arbitrarily cancelled the development plan and housing project construction permit. This resulted in violation of interests of both developer, Etalon LLC, and shared construction participants.
Rightmark Group representing the developer interests applied to the Moscow Oblast Arbitration Court for cancellation of the orders of the Khimki City District Administration. After months of legal controversy, Rightmark Group lawyers convinced the first instance and appeals courts to rule that the aforesaid orders were illegal and void (Khimki City District Administration did not appeal in cassation against court of appeal rulings). Thus, failure to meet deadlines for the house construction and transfer of apartments to citizens was prevented.