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Rightmark Group experts conducted a legal due diligence of JSC Leningrad Oblast Utilities in such areas as corporate history, rights to property, transactions, environmental management and disputes, for the purpose of legal risk identification and assessment.

Legal Due diligence was conditioned by the acquisition, by way of privatization, of a block of the company shares which used to be publicly owned. Assessment of identified legal risks resulted in development of recommendations for shareholders to prevent (minimize) adverse legal effects for a joint stock company placed under corporate control, which are caused by failure to register or improper registration of proprietary and liability rights being parts of the company assets, including rights to utility infrastructure facilities, objects of water and subsoil use.
Special nature of this Legal Due diligence was also determined by the special nature of activities of the company which is a local monopolistic provider of water supply, water disposal and heat supply services, as well as a specialist contractor operating utility networks. The Legal Due diligence included assessment of the company activities in terms of antitrust law, assessment of specifications issued by the company for connection of capital construction projects to utility networks, and the company’s compliance with the procedure for connection of capital construction projects to the aforesaid networks.