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Rightmark Group provided legal support of a transaction for acquisition of 100% of bank’s share capital by a group of persons.

Acquisition of any company with high value assets and a long history of activity, much less a credit institution, is always connected with the necessity of detailed study of both legal fate of its assets, and close examination of history of the company itself in order to identify risks and material events which may influence the decision to purchase a credit institution, or the purchase price. Apart from the acquisition of 100% of the bank shares, Rightmark Group faced the task of opening a branch office in St. Petersburg, early termination of powers of the bank's management bodies and election of new management.
In order to complete the specified tasks Rightmark Group conducted legal and financial Due Diligence, organized interaction between the bank seller and the purchasers, developed a detailed action plan for preparation for the transaction, settlement thereof, and follow-up measure, ensured transaction structuring and support, prepared all the necessary documents (applications, notices, contracts, records, etc.), implemented corporate procedures for re-election of the bank management bodies, amended constituent documents of the bank, made arrangements to open a bank branch office in St. Petersburg.