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Rightmark Group provided legal support of ZAO reorganization proceedings aimed at business division between shareholders and tax optimization.

Due to planned division of business between shareholders of ZAO (private limited company), a need arose for a proportional asset allocation without prejudice to any existing ZAO rights, titles and interests or contractual obligations assumed earlier. Following the results of the preliminary document evaluation, several options were suggested to the client. Following our recommendations, a decision was made to reorganize ZAO by separation of a new legal entity to which part of the company property is transferred, including rights and obligations under a contract for lease of a land plot provided for construction for investment purposes.
Results of the work carried out by Rightmark Group lawyers included financial analysis of the legal entity, comprehensive plan for reorganization, and implementation of all procedures required by the law. After ZAO establishment, legal support was provided to the client in preparation and filing of documents for state registration of the new company stock issue.