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  • RUB 50 million debt was returned.

    RUB 50 million debt was returned.

    Rightmark Group lawyers facilitated enforcement of several judgments for recovery of RUB 50 million from a natural person. United actions of lawyers and bailiffs resulted in identification and return of the property sold by an individual after creditors filed claims for debt recovery. Subsequent sale of the property that was earlier illegally disposed of led to satisfaction of creditors' claims. 

  • Purchase of the House of Nobel Brothers Partnership.

    Purchase of the House of Nobel Brothers Partnership.

    Rightmark Group lawyers stood at the origins of the practice of compulsion of the state to sell real estate wrongly excluded from the group of privatization property. Thus, back in 2005, Rightmark Group lawyers represented interests of a major company intending to purchase a 9,000 sq. m building which was erroneously excluded from the list of privatization objects. The building in this case was located in the territory of this company.
    According to the government position at that time, these facilities could be sold only at the initiative of the Government, and not at the purchaser option. However, with the legal assistance of Rightmark Group, the purchaser won the case in courts of all three instances. Only in 2008 the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation expressed support for the position advocated by Rightmark Group lawyers back in the day.
  • Bolshevichka Garment Factory illegal takeover attempt was reversed.

    Bolshevichka Garment Factory illegal takeover attempt was reversed.

    Our company helped the factory shareholders to protect the company property from illegal takeover. Perpetrators of the illegal takeover used unlawful methods to purchase the company shares, convened fictitious meetings of shareholders, where they made decisions on change of the company management such that they would gain control of the company and possession of the most valuable assets. We managed to establish to satisfaction of court the illegality of share acquisition, fictitious nature of the meeting and abuse of rights by raiders, thus protecting the factory property.